“It’s the Characteristics of the the Playing Field that
Determine the Rules of the Game”

When You’re in Need of a Product or Service to Help Solve a Problem, What is Your First Step?

Do you Immediately Pick up the Phone and Call the First Vendor You See?

Or, are you like Over 90% of the World’s Internet Users who Turn to Google to Help Find the Right Solution? 

The New Sales Cycle”
Begins & Ends Online

Over 90% of the World’s Internet Users (Over 4 Billion People) use Google to find the “RIGHT SOLUTION” to their problem because “EVERYONE TRUSTS GOOGLE’S SOFTWARE” and it’s Ability to Consistently Provide Users the RIGHT ANSWERS” to their questions.

63,000 Searches per second
3.8 Million Searches per minute
228 Million Searches per hour
5.6 Billion Searches per day

Why Do 4 Billion People
Use Google 5.6 Billion Times Per Day?


Google Provides it’s Users

Google’s Internet
Powered By The Most Intelligent
Artificial Intelligence on Earth

Google’s A.I. Ranks Mollify the “#1 Google Algorithm Specialist” in the World
Google’s A.I. Ranks Mollify’s Explanation of “The Internet” #1 in the World
Google’s A.I. Ranks Mollify’s Explanation of “Digital Asset Optimization” #1 in the World
Google’s A.I. Ranks Mollify’s Explanation of “Data Analytics” #1 in the World
Google’s A.I. Ranks Mollify’s Explanation of “Analytics” #1 in the World
Awarded Red Herring’s “TOP 100 Tech Startups in North America
Named One of New York Digital’s “Hottest New Startups
Awarded Expertise’s “Best Design & Development Firms” in New York City
(2016 – 2017 – 2018 – 2019 – 2020)

Mollify is a 100-Page Blueprint of
Today’s Digital Business Environment.

“How the Internet Functions” &
“How to Design & Develop”
The Optimal Digital Business System
within the Internet’s Framework

According to the World’s MOST Intelligent A.I,
Mollify Comprehends
“How Google’s Internet Works”
Better Than Anyone in the World

The Google Algorithm is the MOST COMPLEX & MOST VALUABLE Algorithm on the Planet;
It’s a Recipe of How to CONSTRUCT & GROW
The Optimal Digital Business Network
Within the Fabric of the Web

The Google Algorithm is a Comprehensive Guide or Rule Book Explaining:
How the Internet Works
How Each Interconnected Website Influences the Next
How the Entire Infrastructure of the World Wide Web Functions

The Google Algorithm is a Digital Marketing Protocol – How to Optimally Design Web Pages – Develop Websites – Maximize Engagement – Increase Exposure – How Social Media & Back-Link Interactions Popularize One’s Domain; The Google Algorithm Explains
How Our Entire Digital Ecosystem Behaves & Operates.

User Experience Design (UX)

User Experience Design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction: Improving Usability, Accessibility, and Pleasure Provided by the Interaction Between the User and the Business.

User experience design encompasses traditional Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) design and extends it by addressing all aspects of a product or service as perceived by users.

What’s More Important than the Content on Your Company’s Website?

Digital Storytelling keeps users Engaged, Creates a Valuable Experience while reinforcing a company’s Expertise & Credibility. Providing the user with an Interactive, Customizable Flow of Information conveys one’s story in a way that is uniquely useful.

Interactive Technology allows us the ability to guide our audience through a compelling narrative while affording opportunities to drill down to the user’s specific desired details.

New Websites Focus on Providing “Value to the User” If you Don’t Provide Value, the User Will Go Elsewhere.

What is Web Page?

A Web Page is a Collection of Content (Text, Images, & Videos)

What is a Website?

A Website is a Collection of Indexable Web Pages

It’s an Opportunity to Illustrate What you Do and How Well You do it.

It’s a Chance of Reinforcing Your Company’s Expertise & Credibility.

At the outset, the primary purpose of a website was to create a first impression. However, today’s customers place a Greater Value on Transparency. As a result, they now expect to participate in the corporate environment.

With the evolution of Web 2.0 and the focus on Collective Intelligence, New Websites have evolved into Interactive, User-Centric, Virtual Command Posts. They now allow prospective customers an opportunity to Visit, Observe, Learn, & Engage with your Business.

The Virtual Storefront 

Content Management Systems (CMS) are “The New Websites”. Think of a CMS as a Virtual Storefront – When you walk into a store, how do you choose a product? Do you like to browse?  Do you like to analyze? Do you like to watch a video of the product? How do you figure out if that product will be right for you?

New Websites or CMS have Evolved into Interactive, User-Centric, Virtual Command Posts. They now allow prospective customers an opportunity to Visit, Observe, Learn, and Engage with the Business.

Content Management Systems are the New Websites and the MOST IMPORTANT COMPONENT of Today’s Businesses

Importance of High-Quality Content 

Content Marketing is the Art of Communicating with your customers and prospects Without Selling.

Forget Key Words, Providing High-Quality Content is the single most important aspect of Content Strategy. The content on your site can make or break whether or not your desired audience will buy from you, or even find you.

Individuals Search Online for Content that Helps Solve a Problem. Inbound Digital Marketing is about Positioning your Company to be the Solution to the Searcher’s Problem

Inbound Marketing is any marketing tactic that relies on Earning People’s Interest rather than paying for it. By producing Interesting Content and providing user’s Valuable Information, Inbound Marketing attracts customers, makes the company easier to be found, focuses on “Searchability”, and naturally Draws Customers Inward.

Rather than having to solicit prospects’ attention, Inbound Marketing refers to activities that Earns the Attention of Customers, makes the company Easier to be Found, and Attracts Customers to them.

The Ability “To be Found” is One of the MOST Imperative Components of Any Business. How Can People Buy From You if They Can’t Find You?

On-Site SEO Initiatives: (Content QualityUX DesignPageRank)

Off-Site SEO Initiatives: (Content StrategyLink BuildingDomain Authority)

A Consistent Digital Presence Across Google’s Network is Vital for Present and Future Success

No Longer Do Customers Seek out a Human to Help them Find a Solution, Today’s “Sophisticated Customer uses “Google’s A.I.” and “Digital Content” to Convince Themselves Which Vendor Will “Provide The Best Solution”.