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The Google Algorithm is the Most Complex and Most Valuable Algorithm in the World; it’s made up of more than 200 factors, more than 10,000 subfactors, tweaked up to 500 times per month to make even better and operated by Artificial Intelligence.

The Google Algorithm is a comprehensive guide or rule book explaining – How the Internet Works – How the Entire Infrastructure of the World Wide Web Functions – How each Interconnected Website Influences the Next.

It’s a Digital Marketing Protocol – how to optimally design & construct web pages/websites to maximize engagement & increase exposure, how backlinks and social media interactions popularize one’s domain, how our entire digital ecosystem behaves and operates; the Google Algorithm is a recipe of how to optimally Build and Grow a Digital Business Network within the Framework of Today’s Internet.

According to Google’s Artifical Intelligence, (The Smartest A.I. on the Planet), Mollify is the Leading Authority on the Google Algorithm; Google Ranks Mollify the #1 Google Algorithm Specialist in the World.

#1 Google Algorithm Specialist in the World

Mollify has built sophisticated Content Management Systems, consulted on Global Digital Asset Optimization Initiatives, helping companies enhance their Digital Visualization, Digital Reputation, & Digital Development.

THE INTERNET IS TODAY’S BUSINESS ARENA; It’s the characteristics of the playing field that determine the rules of the game. 

A company’s degree of success depends almost exclusively on its ability to perform in today’s digital environment.

What is a Website?

A Website is a Collection of Indexable Web Pages

What is Web Page?

A Web Page is a Collection of Content (Text, Images, and Videos) Purposefully Arranged to Highlight What You Do and How Well you Do it.

What is the point of creating Web Pages?

It’s an opportunity to illustrate your expertise and compel prospective clients to Visit, Engage, Learn, and Interact with your Business.

Why is it important?

New Websites focus on providing value to the user. If you don’t provide value, then the user will go elsewhere. 

At the outset, the primary purpose of a website was to create a first impression. However, today’s customers place a greater value on transparency. As a result, they now expect to participate in the corporate environment.

New Websites focus on providing value to the user. If you don’t provide value, then the user will go to the competition who is providing value.

The Virtual Storefront 

With the evolution of Web 2.0 and the focus on collective intelligence, New Websites have evolved into interactive, user-centric, virtual command posts.

CMS – Content Management Systems are “the New Websites”. Think of a CMS as a Virtual Storefront – When you walk into a store, how do you choose a product? Do you like to browse?  Do you like to analyze? Do you like to watch a video of the product? How do you figure out if that product will be right for you?

CMS – Content Management Systems are the MOST Important Components of Today’s Businesses.  

When building a CMS, our objective is to create an experience that is as close to reality as possible. Our primary goal is to give the user the best experience we can; the better experience the person has in your virtual storefront, the better opportunity you have of acquiring them as a customer.  We want users to learn as much about the product or service that you offer as they desire.

User Experience Design (UX)

User Experience Design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction: improving usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided by the interaction between the user and the business. Providing the user with an interactive and customizable flow of information conveys one’s story in a way that is uniquely useful.

Digital storytelling keeps users engaged, creates a valuable experience while reinforcing a company’s expertise and credibility. Interactive technology allows us the ability to guide our audience through a compelling narrative while affording opportunities to drill down to the user’s specific desired details. 

Importance of High-Quality Content 

Content Marketing is the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. Forget Key Words, Providing high-quality content is the single most important aspect of Content Strategy.

The content on your site can make or break whether or not your desired audience will find you.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing refers to activities that earn the attention of customers, makes the company easier to be found, and draws customers inward.

Individuals search online for content that helps solve a problem. Inbound marketing is about positioning one’s company to be the solution to that problem.

Location, Location, Location

Where would you like your virtual storefront to be located?  If you had your choice, would you prefer your storefront be located in Nowhere, Oklahoma (Real Place) or on Madison Avenue in New York City?

Having a well-designed website with a limited web presence is similar to having an incredible superstore in the middle of nowhere. 

Your company may offer superior products and or services. But, if your company’s web pages are not optimally constructed, prospective customers will never find you.

Google Search

Google Search Controls most of what we see when we use our devices.

Over 92% of the WORLD’S INTERNET USERS use Google to find the “RIGHT ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS” because “EVERYONE TRUSTS” Google Search and its ability to consistently provide users the “RIGHT SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS.”

63,000 Searches per second
3.8 Million Searches per minute
228 Million Searches per hour
5.6 Billion Searches per day

Google Search is powered by Google’s Algorithm. Although optimization is certainly a factor, Google’s Algorithm prioritizes Content Quality & Domain Authority when providing its users optimal Search results.


According to the Most Intelligent A.I. on the Planet, Mollify Understands Today’s Digital Business Environment Better Than Anyone Else in the World and Knows Exactly How to Strategically Design CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS to Flourish Within Google’s Framework.

Mollify’s Goal is to build our clients an alluring and engaging digital platform, one that will maximize the position of your organization for present and future growth.

Mollify strives to put you at the top of every search, cross-market your business on multiple platforms, and help grow your overall trust and transparency across the web. We use the Google Algorithm as our roadmap to success.

World-Class Digital Architecture from World-Class Digital Architects

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